Playa Summit 

NADA Miami Beach

December 2, 2016 5pm

Domingo Castillo
Naomi Fisher
Colin Foord
Felice Grodin

Moderated by Sara Blazej and Zach Smith



Playa Summit was a location-specific iteration of our Gaia Summit panel series that sought to create a conversation in the city of one of the most publically visible deteriorating natural landscapes (rising water levels, frequent hurricanes, extreme temperature change). This was presented in relation to the rapidly changing infrastructure of Miami, a symptom of it’s “destination” identity, annually inflamed by mega tourist events, like Art Basel Miami Beach. In the spirit of Gaian interconnectivity, we invited artists, poets and scientific thinkers with whom we created a conversation about the effect such spectacle events have on the urban planning and in effect the natural environment of the city, and imagined futures for such capitalist excess in a metropolis in hot water, soon to be under water.