Gaia Summit


Saturday, April 22, 2017 7PM
End Times

Sunday, April 30, 2017 5PM

Moderated by Sara Blazej and Zach Smith

Saturday, April 22 7PM: 
End Times

Michael Assif
Catherine Grau
Julie Grosche
Allie Tepper

Sunday, April 30 5PM:

Oliver Kellhammer
Karolina Sobecka
Stephanie Wakefield
Christopher Lee Kennedy


Gaia Summit is a panel series which brings together participants from various disciplines (art, activism and academia) whose practices engage the subject of climate change for a public discussion on the urgent environmental crisis facing our planet.

Many who are in some form familiar with the Gaia Hypothesis know it as the cultural philosophy and scientific theory based on universal synergy. The Gaia Hypothesis, developed in the 1960s by atmospheric chemist Dr. James Lovelock, has been updated multiple times since its inception and stands today as the discursive location of interdisciplinary approaches to climate change, wherein the mysticality of a self-sustaining “living” Earth meets the politics and science of a deteriorating natural ecosystem.

The Gaia philosophy suggests hard science can overlap with other esoteric endeavors. Specifically, there is a space where social justice, earth science and current visual practices see eye to eye. These talks seek to highlight the tectonic shifting of ideas and sensibilities at this extremely fertile intersection.

Over the course of two meetings, Gaia Summit will join artists, curators, community organizers and educators in conversation to explore themes including: experimental and alternative living systems; community action and education; and the critical intersection between nature and culture. These talks strive to generate an exchange of creative ideas surrounding consumption and re-use, gentrification and urban infrastructures, and the ways in which art and climate discourse can work together to move each other forward.